Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 23?

It´s not Sunday here anymore by... nine minutes... But still... I actually have some updates.

First up is this weeks autobiographical lie:

I did a miniconcert on Tuesday, and had not had time to... well... Really prepare... As usual. So the usual stress got to it´s usual hights, and when it was time to draw the usual lie on Wednesday I was just... Empty. Which is the title. Luckilly I got this image in my head pretty quickly, all finished and stuff. I long wanted to do something with thin light fines and light shading. But... I´m gonna have to do more with that style because I think I was a bit empty that day, and can do better another day. Still... Clever way to not have to draw to much on a hard but satisfied day.

Speaking of the concert, I´ve done a little test to see how the audio goes together with a quick video of the images from the comic-version of the songs:

Me thinks the concert went pretty damned well. I wanna do a whole video of it, with the speaking bits in between.
I really think there´s a lot of potential to do pretty awesome versions, both live and on video. I´ve been psyched about trying to fit sort of stand-up´ish stuff with comics and songs, and this was the first time to do it in a full, if three song short, concert.
Hopefully I´ll get to do this little concert more times to get the flow of the whole "story".

Oh, and I need to find a better program for this stuff that Windows Movie Maker... Suggestions? For Mac? For Free?

And finally... The opening image for an article I´m drawing about Alan Moore:

Not much to say, except that I spent way too much time on that single image in a 4-page long article... Jeez...

All in all... Good week... But need to do more, more, more...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Whatday Art-Week Review of Good Intentions and Hell...

So I didn´t manage to update this Sunday either. The whole week got spoiled by the flu. And then I had to scramble to get ready to play a concert yesterday... So did I draw anything last week? Mostly just absolutly nothing. But on Sunday I did get to do the sketches for some art for the concert, and even though they weren´t finished untill Tuesday morning, I´ll still post them here:

I like ´em... Lot´s of love and stuff... Loose art... Works... Did wonders under the concert.

Hopefully next week I´ll update on Sunday, and have something to update with. Cheers!