Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sunday Art-Weeks Review 11

So... I slacked off for a couple of weeks with these posts...

But I´m back, hopefully more reliable than ever(HA!).

Anyhows... Even though there´s been some weeks since the last time, I haven´t got all that much new stuff to show. There are some projects that I don´t want to reveal too much on, like Pickmans Model and Bomtur, which I´ve done a lot of work on.

Pickmans Model is now readable from start to finish. While there´s still a lot that´s only sketches, and a lot of work left to be done, it´s looking good. If you want to read it just send me your e-mail, and you can have a look if you promise to tell me what you think. Yeah, YOU!

Apart from that I´ve been reading a lot, doing both research for Bomtur and for some new comic-book-articles I´m gonna do(I´ve gots some paid work! WOOH!).

And I´ve done a lot of pencil-doodles trying to come up with new short stories to sell. But no luck so far, and it´s all too doodly and fragmented to bother scanning.

So... you may wonder... What have I done that I can show?

Well, I´ve updated my weekly autobiographical lie steadily(Good boy, Kim!)...

Missing week 1:

Missing week 2:

Missing Week 3:

Missing week 4:

And I´m progressing slowly on my Wesnoth-pieces(Though no new ones are finished yet):

And lastly, I did a fundraiser piece to be auctioned away to help the guys at Big Illustration Party Time get a new microphone, so we can enjoy their voices in all their silky-smooth glory:

I´ll post the details of the auction when it´s settled.

And that´s about it.

Next week I´ll do a regular update. Hopefully I´ll have done something interesting...

Me on Art&Story Alive!

Last monday I called in on the Art&Story Alive podcast, hosted by the talented Jerzy Drozd, Marc Rudolph, and Krishna Sadasivam. Art&Story Alive is the live component of Art&Story, where I, the listener, and probably you, the listener, gets to call in and bug the hosts with our ramblings.
Anyhow... It was a nice little conversation about bad advice, doing your best as an artist, and baby Jesus crying.

Listen to it here.

Since I spent 10 euros on Skype-credit, and have little to use it on except Art&Story Alive, I will probably call in next monday also.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Whatday huh-review part X?


So I´ve been a little slow updating.

Actually I´ve been part busy, part forgetful, and... yeah... part lazy. I should have had SOMETHING up, even if I didn´t have the chance to do a art-week review. But... Oh well.. That´s just my usual ups and downs, and if I´m realistic there will come more times like these.

BUT.... Art-week review will be back, with a full review of the last three weeks also. And I´m planning on at least another weekly update sometime soon.

Anyhow... you´ve been warned. Now go be productive!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Sunday art-week review 10... on a monday???

Ops! shit. Been on holiday in Norway, and not doing much art yet. Simply forgot posting this yesterday. *blush*

This week I haven't done any art worth showing, except a few marker-sketches that I haven\t scanned. I have written a lot though.

The autobiographical lie here was conceived over a year ago, then completed a few weeks ago. The text is basically "Sometimes when the mood strikes me\ I strike at the wall\ untill my knuckles bleed\ it doesn't help with the mood/ but it does wonders for my artstyle"

Next week I have to draw a new autogbiographical lie, so I will have to attach my drawing board and get to do some work. Also I have to take a lot of photos. So... Long post next week???