Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review part 9...

On Thursday I went on "vacation" to Norway, and am right now in Oslo without a proper computer to work on. And much of the early week went to work on stuff I won't show yet. So... short one this week:

My weekly autobiograhpical lie. Meh.

10 minute sketch of Enslaved guitarist Ivar Peersen done for mye Norwegian blog after interweb fisticuffs about filesharing and the Pirate Bay trial. The general consensus is of course that I'm right, and he's an evil capitalist scumbag, but Enslaved still makes lovely music.

And that's basically it for this week. Apart from that I've done what I can on Pickmans Model without more photos, but will take them in Bergen next week. Oh, and if anyone knows where to find images of Bostons North End from the 1920' s, please drop me a line.

The next two weeks I'll strolling through be trying to take all the photos I need for Bomtur, which will be a lot. But I'm hoping to also get some time drawing. Fingers crossed.

And there's a few shorter ideas floating around in my egghead, trying to hatch... so we'll see... maybe I'll have something cool soon...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 8...

Another week... Too much sun.... Still some work got done. Have been doing a lot of sketches, concepts, and thumbnails on paper this week, lazing on sunny afternoons, and unfortunatly there´s little point of photographing the doobles through my iMac-camera.

So I´ll just post what I´ve done digitally:

Pickmans model page 4 and 5. Have finally gotten images of the model, and starting to experiment with the flashback style. I´m not sure I´m satisfied, as they might be a bit stiff and photographic. The most important thing when drawing on top of photographs is to make it not seem like photographs.

And of course, my autobiographical lie of the week:

And that´s it.

BTW, someone has made a fanpage for me on facebook. Join, or I will cry myself to tears every night.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 7...

Another week, another... art?

Ummh... Yes....

Thought it was easter this week, but it seems the Greek know better. Easter started today.

Anyhow... Been doing a lot of stuff besides art this week, but have still gotten some shit done.

This is a poster for something I´m told not to write about quite yet(Men folk i Bergen kan få vite at dere bør gå på arrangementet plakatene er for). I do posters for these guys for free(I get food and beer sometimes, though), so when I started doing it I decided to never do anything that takes more than 2 hours. Sometimes I´ve broken that promise and done close to 3 hours, but this one came in at one and a half hour from concept to finished art. Good work, Kim!

And of course my weekly autobiographical lie:

This one is a comic with a song, so if you hate your ears, check it out here. Or if you hate your life, check out my other songs here. I´m no musician, but I do have a lot of fun singing and writing songs about myself.

And I´ve sketched some various things around the village. I don´t have a scanner, but I thought photographing this one with my Macs built-in camera was fun:

And last, but not least, I´ve (almost) finished another dwarf for Wesnoth:

Also done some work on the other projects, but not much, and none to show. Hope ya´ll had a great easter, and I´ll go have a great easter this week!

I wrote "ya´ll". :(

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 6...

Ahh... It´s actually been a great art-week, but I ain´t got much to show for it. Work progressing on the Confusia-redesign, on Pickmans Model, on Bomtur, doing stuff for Wesnoth, and I´m trying to get a headstart on the weekly autobiographical stuff. In other words, lot´s of stuff I can´t or won´t show yet.

And since I´m having a slow Sunday I´ll just make this post short and sloppy.

This weeks autobiographical lie:

Jesus VS Aslan Cagematch!(Don´t ask, because I don´t know):

And finally, a sneak-peak at how Richard Upton Pickman will look:

Have a great week! Now back to watching wrestling...