Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 8...

Another week... Too much sun.... Still some work got done. Have been doing a lot of sketches, concepts, and thumbnails on paper this week, lazing on sunny afternoons, and unfortunatly there´s little point of photographing the doobles through my iMac-camera.

So I´ll just post what I´ve done digitally:

Pickmans model page 4 and 5. Have finally gotten images of the model, and starting to experiment with the flashback style. I´m not sure I´m satisfied, as they might be a bit stiff and photographic. The most important thing when drawing on top of photographs is to make it not seem like photographs.

And of course, my autobiographical lie of the week:

And that´s it.

BTW, someone has made a fanpage for me on facebook. Join, or I will cry myself to tears every night.

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