Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 7...

Another week, another... art?

Ummh... Yes....

Thought it was easter this week, but it seems the Greek know better. Easter started today.

Anyhow... Been doing a lot of stuff besides art this week, but have still gotten some shit done.

This is a poster for something I´m told not to write about quite yet(Men folk i Bergen kan få vite at dere bør gå på arrangementet plakatene er for). I do posters for these guys for free(I get food and beer sometimes, though), so when I started doing it I decided to never do anything that takes more than 2 hours. Sometimes I´ve broken that promise and done close to 3 hours, but this one came in at one and a half hour from concept to finished art. Good work, Kim!

And of course my weekly autobiographical lie:

This one is a comic with a song, so if you hate your ears, check it out here. Or if you hate your life, check out my other songs here. I´m no musician, but I do have a lot of fun singing and writing songs about myself.

And I´ve sketched some various things around the village. I don´t have a scanner, but I thought photographing this one with my Macs built-in camera was fun:

And last, but not least, I´ve (almost) finished another dwarf for Wesnoth:

Also done some work on the other projects, but not much, and none to show. Hope ya´ll had a great easter, and I´ll go have a great easter this week!

I wrote "ya´ll". :(

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