Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 6...

Ahh... It´s actually been a great art-week, but I ain´t got much to show for it. Work progressing on the Confusia-redesign, on Pickmans Model, on Bomtur, doing stuff for Wesnoth, and I´m trying to get a headstart on the weekly autobiographical stuff. In other words, lot´s of stuff I can´t or won´t show yet.

And since I´m having a slow Sunday I´ll just make this post short and sloppy.

This weeks autobiographical lie:

Jesus VS Aslan Cagematch!(Don´t ask, because I don´t know):

And finally, a sneak-peak at how Richard Upton Pickman will look:

Have a great week! Now back to watching wrestling...

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