Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 5...

Yes, getting slightly better by the week.

Been drawing way too many dwarves, orcs, mages, werewolves, and horsies for Wesnoth. It´s very fun, and I´m learning a lot, but it´s taking too much time away from my comics, so I need to cool down slightly.

Finished dwarf. Took a lot of work doing and redoing the armor. Got a lot of help and learned a lot about painting metal.

Another dwarf. Was very satisfied with the sketch and linework for this one, but trying to paint it I´ve been running into huge problems, and have ended up tossing away the first three attempts prematurely. Bah! But I´ll get it some day...

Nice elderly mage. I like this one.

Elven rider. Supposed to be snotty and rich. I´m not sure about this one. A bit boring? Hmmm...

A wizard that has been trapped in the mountains for a while. Has a DIY Griffin coat, in a little story related joke. I loved the face in my sketch, but somehow he lost "it" in the linework.

A Warg, which is some sort of wolfman race. I like this one a lot.

Sketch for dwarf-lord. Jeez, I do huge hands.

Dwarven warrior sketch. Supposed to be cornered in, but I need to change this to be less boring.

Sketch of the bad guy.... ohhhh....

I´ve learned a whole lot from these, so it´s worth it in that way. But I have comics that are screaming for attention. And I have worked a bit on all of them this week. Drawing on Confusia has been a mess though, and for Bomtur I´ve been working on a single 3-point perspective shot that takes a lot of time.
For Pickmans Model I do have a few frames to show. The last three frames before I jump into the first flashback and show Pickman himself:
Still haven´t confirmed a model for Pickman though. I have some more talking heads that I can draw further on in the story, but untill I get a model I can´t really finish any pages.

And on wednesday I did my usual autobiographical lie:

I´m satisfied with this one. This one is about post-poning stuff.

And finally I finished the birthday-greeting thingie I think mentioned last week. You can check it here.

So... yeah.... getting better. Still not up to 100% efficiency, and I need to manage my time a bit better. But oh well.... I´ll get there....


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