Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 3

Ah... Crappy week. 

Haven´t done much art. Been doing too much, and having too little spare time lately, so I´ve done gone ran myself into a wall, as per usual. But I´ll be back on my feet soon enough. Ah, the glorious adventures of bi-polar disorder type 2. Or whatever the excuse is. Oh well...

BUT... I did actually do this: 

The translation would read something like "Hate.... hate... food... hate...", but with a few to many vowels.  A pretty accurate account of last weeks highlights. 

Having committed myself to doing one of these autobiographical shorts every week, whether a single panel or a longer pager, is probably a good thing, to keep some consistency. As most creators will know, it´s hard when you set your own deadlines. 

Anywho... will be back stronger next week. Mark my words. OR sumthin....

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