Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 4...

Ahh... This week is a bit better than last week. Not quite up to a 100% yet, but I´m definetly breaking the funk.

Still I haven´t got too much to show for it. I´ve tried to do work on Confusia, Bomtur, and Mörkanger this week, but it´s just been slow and full og CTRL-Z, again and again. I did get some good hours in though, but nothing to show yet.

And I did manage to do my weekly autobiographical lie, and even though it went slow and I´m not that pleased with the finished art, people seemed to enjoy it.

It´s just called "Training", and is pretty much self-explanatory.

Then I got invited to write for a new norwegian gaming-blog with some really cool people at, and did a review of the fantastic World of Goo. I really need to write more pure text, and start to get a portfolio of things so I can perhaps get some paid work. Illustration and comics alone seem too hard emotionally. Writing is something I can do that doesn´t drain me quite as much. Yet, at least. Oh, well.

Anyhow... for the review I did a tiny review-score. Mostly as a joke because I don´t like review-scores and because I needed small silly things to draw to get me out of the funk.

I like it.

And also, to get out of the funk and mostly just to be a nice guy, I committed to drawing a birthday invitation for a friends 30th birthday. It´s almost done, but it would be rude to show it here before showing it to her.

And lastly... The biggest and most helpfull thing to get out of the funk(I´ve been sayiing "the funk" too much, sorry)...

... After the World of Goo review was done I was thinking about other games to review. Having just a mac, and not any Windows installed, the options are limitted. I know I´m gonna do Fallout 1 and 2 some time, but after that... What to do?

I´ve become more and more old-school in my game tastes, and have a growing fascination for the indie-scene. So while searching for indie-games playable on the Mac, I rediscovered The Battle for Wesnoth. It´s a pretty marvelous open-source project, trying to create a vast, cohessive, and very modable strategy game in the style of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. So very old-school, utterly playable, and very addictive. In addition to being very strict, minimalistic, and balanced gameplay-wise, it´s got some excellent feautures that most retail games don´t even dream of, including direct downloading of add-ons from in-game menus, the best autosavesystem in a long while, and an excellent level-editor.

Oh... where was I?



Of the week!

So... while browsing the Wesnoth forums I came across a great tutorial for doing portrait art for the game. Being really inspired it, and seeing some photoshop-techniques and tools I simply haven´t used before(I´m slow), I decided to have a go, and did a dwarven portrait.

At first it was a bit... meh.... But with great help from the awesome people at the Wesnoth-forum it quickly turned better.

And now it´s gonna get in the game as an alternative for the Dwarven fighter art, or something. So that´s fantastic! Having art in a game is a dream come true, and open-source games are like commercial games except cooler since your don´t have to suck on Satans cock.

I´m gonna try to continue doing art for Wesnoth, because it´s a fantastic project, and I really, really need to have a side-project that´s purely art, to keep me on my toes. And with Wesnoth the art is very much up my alley, the community seems great at feedback and I can learn a lot, and it´s altogether very much inspirational.

So hopefully next week, in addition to updates om my comics and other work, there will be some more dwarves! Yay!


  1. Cool Dwarf!!!!

    I've just downloaded the game and will try playing. Maybe I'll see your dwarf somewhere...

    I had no idea the world of freeware was so big; can everything be free?

    It would be so cool to learn to hack code.

    Anyway good luck with future drawings-emotional hardship and all. At least you're making the effort to create something, which is more than most of us slackers can say. Most of the world has it easy--just using other people's creations and letting the commercial world take us over.. Blahhhhh@@#$$!

    Thanks again for the English blog on Sundays. I look forward to them!
    jimmy joe HELL

  2. The freeware scene is huge and growing, and while they don´t reach the levels quality and polish of contemporary trippel-A studios, they sometimes reach and even exceed the level of past trippel-A games.

    If you dig turn-based strategy in a slightly Japanese style, then Wesnoth is probably one of the very, very best alternatives out there. And it´s getting better all the time. When it´s "done" it will be massive.

    Unfortunatly I don´t think my dwarf-portrait has made it into the downloadable version yet. But I am now redesigning the portraits for a whole campaign, and I´ll definetly post an update when that´s out.

    Seems the whole game is in the process of getting aa unified art-direction, and it´s slowly looking awesome. I really hope to contribute as much as possible to that.

    Anyhow... Yes... Everything can be free, and will be free one day.

    And... I´m a slow bastard. I´m almost done with your drawing, but I haven´t confirmed the model for Pickman himself yet, and in case he declines I don´t want to send you a drawing with the wrong Pickman. That´d be... wrong...

    But I will get my ass in gear and send an email-request today.

  3. No worries man...

    I'm very patient!