Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Art-week Review 2.

First of all, happy womens day!!

I got the bright idea to do this image late last night. But I should have known what I was stepping into. Frank Frazetta is just a god among artists. Now, as Robert Crumb once noted, he´s incredibly boring, but it´s just so technically fascinating. 
And technically, doing this was pure hell. Anyhow... I started with Frazettas fantastic Conan cover. 
Then I traced it quickly and drew in Confusia:
Then I made miniature copy of the original Frazetta image on it´s own layer, and just started doing drawing with the pencil-tool and different opacities, referencing the miniature layer and the trace layer. At first I mostly used the trace layer, but towards the end it became a distraction, so I mostly used the miniature. Then, because I was running out of time, I hastilly finished up by some filters and adjustment layers. 

All in all a very good exercise, teaching me that even though I´ve toyed around with a few digital painting I really don´t know shit yet. The kinds of use of colour and shadow that Frazetta does... I don´t even stand a chance of emulating it on a computer(Or in on canvas, for that matter). My stuff just became blobs of pale flatness. Oh well.

I really want to do more experiments trying to do something Frazetta-like on the computer, but I want to do some original stuff, and do it over a long, long period. A single day is just not enough, by FAAAAAR.

But it still was more then I was hoping to use on this image, which is more a joke than anything. 

Anyhow... Art-week... Yes.... 

I´ve finally broken trough a little wall on the Confusia redesigns, which was the reason I got the idea for the image above. I´m sticking pretty close to the original designs, but darkening it, and making it more practical both to draw and to wear. I´m kind of thinking of it as a 500 BC Batman suit, but made for traveling long distances outdoors. I´m filling it with various pockets and knives and cool stuff. Been checking out concept art for Assassins Creed, and that´s pretty close to what I´m aiming for, but more Ninja-like. 
It´s not done yet though. So the Conanusia-image is the only one I will show today. 

Then, on Thursday I finished up Pickmans Model page 3. 

Not much to say about this really. As chronicled in my Norwegian blog, I´m drawing this on top of photos of myself. It´s just to many talking heads for it to be worth drawing a character again and again. But that means I had to shave off my beard and have a mustache. Well... my beard was finally starting to grow out again, and then I had to shave it off one more time for some extra images. I would have though that 400 were enough but noo.....
And... I have to get a model to use as Pickman... A Pickman model, if you pardon my pun. I know who I want, but I just got to get it cleared, and got to get someone to take pictures of him. I´ve been putting off doing this for a while now, for no good reason, but Pickman gets introduced on the next page(With som slight changes in the storytelling), so I can´t really put it off much longer.  

Then on Wednesday I updated my now Weekly Autobiographical Lie: 

I think it turned out nice. It´s called "A little pause: or why I love cold water". It´s the first one the works in any language, more or less. Basically it´s just my attempt of explaining why I love to dive. In to cold water, preferably. Blabla, yadayade, no explaination needed, really. I didn´t take long to do though, so that´s nice. 

Then finally I did another panel or two for Confusia: Lifs Story(Working title):

So that´s a slooow beginning. I´ll write more about this later. Now I have to wrap this up. The Conanusia-image screwed up my schedule. 

So... Apart from this I´ve actually done some work on another Confusia-tale, and some daily work on Bomtur. But nothing worth showing yet. So it´s been pretty productive. And the weather was even nice for a few short days. 



  1. Pickmans Model page 3 looks great, yong man! When will the whole 16 pagers be available - and where?

  2. Thanks! I´m sorry but I have no idea when or where it will be available, but it will be available and I´ll post updates as soon as possible. :)