Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday Art-week Review 1.

First proper post on this blog! Yes!

So.... What I´m planning is that each sunday, I´ll post a little update on what I´ve been doing the last week. BUT.... since some readers might not know what I´m doing at all,  I´ll dedicate this first one to go through my projects.

Confusia will hopefully be my main project for a long long time. It´s also the only one where I´m writing primarily in English. It started out as a simple excercise for a comic-book course, but developed into something far, far larger. 
Confusia is an action-adventure, historical sci-fi, conspiracy fiction, realistic fantasy yarn, following the lost daughter of Confucius and her interactions with the sec
ret cults that for millennia have tried to control the world. 
The plan is to tell the story through shorter disparate chapters that can be combined into a whole sometime in the future, and to develop and distribute it as an open-source comic. But this takes a lot of work to be able to launch. 
So... I´ve registered both a blog and a google-group for Confusia, but both are empty as of yet. But hopefully I´ll be able to launch both pretty quickly.
This week I haven´t really done much anything on Confusia, but I have thought a lot about a redesign of the main character, which has been a long time coming. Anyhow, you can check out the old works-progress in the links in the sidebar. 

Pickmans Model is another project in English, but mostly because I´m not really "writing" it. It´s a pretty damn´d literal adaption of H.P.Lovecrafts classic story, using as much of the original text as I can fit on 16 comics-pages. Being a huge Lovecraft-fan, I´ve always dreamed of comic proper Lovecraft -comics, but this is my first attempt. 
This week I´ve finished page 1, and done the whole of page 2, and am currently working on both page 3 and 4. 

Bomtur is my biggest project with a publishing deal. It´s a 100+ contemporary action yarn set in Bergen, Norway, with car-chases, hacking, a love-story, and TERROR!(Finally in Norway!).
I´ve been working on this for way to long, but it´s slowly getting somewhere. It is the spiritual successor to Dette Er Et Ran, and I feel I need it to be 10 times better in every way possible. And that takes a lot of perfectionism. 
This week I haven´t done quite as much as I would have liked on it, but I´ve redone some important panels in the beginning, and keep writing my way through it. 
These are todays unfinished reworked images. They may look a bit finished, but actually the black lines your seeing isn´t the final inks. I´m going to use the digital lines in the coloring, and ink the whole shebang with a brush. I´ve done a few experiments with the technique, and it looks lovely. 

Mörkanger is a concept for a comedy-series set in a backward fjord in Norway. Developed by Robin Knutsen and me, it seems that it´s currently on ice. But I keep doing concept art for it, and hopefull we´ll pick it up for full sometime. This week I started one new concept, but it´s to early to show it. 

In addition to all these genre-pieces, I also do non-genre work through my autobiographical stuff. Ranging for the depressingly real, to the psychotically surreal, to the silly funny stuff, it´s my way of dealing with... ummmhh... living, and stuff. 
This week I did one more silly page, which I´m satisfied with. I´m gonna try doing one of these, ranging from a single panel, to a longer page, each week. But I don´t know if I have the time to translate any of them. Oh well.

Anyhow... That´s what I´ve been working on this art-week. Next week I´ll go more into spesifics. 

Enjoy my blog(Or just fuck off).


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