Monday, 4 May 2009

Sunday art-week review 10... on a monday???

Ops! shit. Been on holiday in Norway, and not doing much art yet. Simply forgot posting this yesterday. *blush*

This week I haven't done any art worth showing, except a few marker-sketches that I haven\t scanned. I have written a lot though.

The autobiographical lie here was conceived over a year ago, then completed a few weeks ago. The text is basically "Sometimes when the mood strikes me\ I strike at the wall\ untill my knuckles bleed\ it doesn't help with the mood/ but it does wonders for my artstyle"

Next week I have to draw a new autogbiographical lie, so I will have to attach my drawing board and get to do some work. Also I have to take a lot of photos. So... Long post next week???

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