Monday, 23 November 2009

Almost Sunday Art-Week review 21´ish...

Yes, I´m picking up the count where it left off. So we´re at 21 weeks or so. And yes, it is monday, but... It´s gotta be Sunday somewhere on the globe, or? Who cares...

Anyhow... Pretty short art-week review this week. Have mostly been finding quotes, writing, and editing for a Alan Moore graphic-article I´m writing and drawing. Have also done som art, but nothing worth showing yet.

Then I´ve been sketching away at some new songs, since I´m gonna have a concert in a week, and I really want to finish drawing two more songs so that I can print up songbooks for the whole little concert. One of them will probably be published as my weekly autobiographical comic on my norwegian blog this Wednesday. But nothing to show yet.

What I have to show is, of course, my weekly autobiographical comic for this last week:
I suppose the title could be translated to "Nag", and the thought-balloon at the lower half says "Nag, nag, nag...". The rest of the text is just thoughts going from positivity about all the possibilities of what to do in a day, then turning into panic over having too much to do and never getting anything done. Simple stuff, but it´s the first very visual layout I´ve done in a while, and I like the colours.

Then I´ve gotten one more piece for Battle For Wesnoth committed to the game.

This one took way too long to do, with too much back and forth. In the end, there´s still several weaknesses, such as inconsistant lighting on the metal surfaces, but all in all I´m pretty satisfied. Seeing the portraits in-game in the Hammer of Thursagan campaign is awesome.

Now... That´s basically it for this week. I have to prepare some courses and finish the article now, and I seem to have the flu, so next week may also be a bit thin on updates. But I will post something. Maybe even on Sunday-proper!

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