Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter and the kindness of strangers...

So I'm all out of daily-sketches, and I promised something would happen. And while it will take some time before that something actually happens, it is time to officially reveal exactly what:

As I unofficially revealed on Art and Story Extreme! I gave up on my daily sketches because the one I did of a Space Monkey Vs a Frost Giant was simply too cool for school. So I decided that instead of regular boring daily sketches, I should make a weekly sketch-comic about the life of a Space Monkey, in which YOU(yes, you) decide what happens next.

Basically it's going to be an improvised adventure where I use twitter and other social networks to let the readers decide what's going to happen, either by voting on alternatives put out by me, or by suggesting future twists.

And it's going to be my first real experiment in doing a proper webcomic page. Yes, and internet page. Not another blogspot-thingamabob!

How is this funded, you ask?

Well, most of the funding is already in, thanks to the neat little donations button on the side of the page. I've gotten some contributions that are enough for me to dare to order a webhost and a domain name. What's the name? It will be revealed shortly... (But it's nothing fancy)...

And, the awesome Jerzy Drozd, of Art&Story fame, who just launched both Art&Story Supreme and GoGoIllustration, has put up two sketches for sale for my benefit:

Yes, it's Megatron and Storm Shadow. So go to GoGoIllustration to buy them and more!

How's that for awesomeness?

Anyhow... where was I? Yes... I will be launching the new comic pretty soon. But first I'm going to take an Easter break (Though I may write a blogpost, or two, perhaps). The translated Sunday Lie will update on Sunday, but no more drawings until after Easter. Then I may be posting some older comics for a little while, until I can get my head around making a proper site for the webcomic. But I can promise a launch within a month.

So... Please support me by donating, or by buying Jerzy's fantastic sketches.

And... a million thanks to those who already donated!!! (You know who you are).

And... Have a great Easter!

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