Friday, 23 July 2010

Wild, wild, broadcasting...

So... Time to start blogging again.

Just wanted to inform about some of the new avenues of Kim where you can get all your weekly Kim-goodness. Ummmhhh... Yeah...

Well, turns out I'm becoming a house-regular on Art&Story Extreme! Which is nice. Art&Story was one of my favorite podcasts, and being a part of it's sillier little brother is a great privilege. I think Wedensday is my day. Or monday. Or none of the above. Anyhow, you'll find me, and if not, the other shows ain't half bad either. So go be EXTREME!

I've also gotten an audioboo-page where I talk in 5 minute chunks about... stuff. Art. Space Monkey. Fear. Some of it is good content, some is... less. But go hear my boos anyhow.

And I've gotten a uStream channel, where I draw stuff live. I'm gonna do a lot more of this VERY soon. Actually, today. I'll announce a time in some hours on twitter, where you should follow me. I've done one sessions where draw whatever you want me to draw from start to finish in one hour. It was fun, and I'll repeat it regularly(And later today). Anyhow... Check out my channnel on uStream. Or just watch my last session here:

So yeah. Bizzi me. Gonna update more soon...


  1. I saw your latest drawing session on Ustream only with a casual glance. Apart from that I was busy with my new iPad, I wouldn't have watched with 100% of my concentration anyway. However, you seem to want to have us give you our full attention. I think that is asking a bit much from your audience.

  2. Of course I want your full attention. Anything less would be stupid.

    However, I don't expect your full attention. And how much attention people give is reliant on how entertaining and informative I manage to be.

    Sometimes the talkie-thing works. Other times it doesn't. Yesterday it didn't.

    Hopefully next time will be better. And next time better. And one day I might even create some content that deserves a 100% attention.

    But shooting for anything less would be silly.

  3. Oh, and thanks for watching, with however little attention. It's greatly appreciated.