Sunday, 16 May 2010

Be Supreme...

Now... More than a few of you reading this blogg have probably heard of me through Art&Story Extreme, the wonderful podcast that I'm a regular guest on. So then you already know about Art&Story and the new Art&Story Supreme.

But to those of you who don't know, I wanna sing some praises to the guys at Art&Story.
Jerzy Drozd, Mark Rudolph, and Kevin Cross, who all have their unique expertise and approach to making comics. Each week they delve deeply into another issue related to comics, whether it be technical, philosophical, or having to do with marketing and business. Sometimes it's the basics, other times it's high falutin' theories, and other times it's just silly fun. Basically it's my favorite podcast to listen to while working.

And not enough with that... Art&Story Extreme is a daily podcast which is more centered on the daily studio talk. Just ramblings, fun stuff, silly stuff, and the type of stuff you talk about in between drawing and writing comics. And fart-jokes. And me as a guest, now every Wednesday.

But finally... They're launched Art&Story Supreme, which is a paid service. What you get is a whole slew of other podcasts, where the hosts ramble about issues either alone, or in a weekly extra Extreme, or a monthly extra full Art&Story. And you get access to the Art&Storriors forum, and office hours where you can talk about your comics with the Mark, Jerzy, and Kevin.

My favorite aspect of Supreme is the extra podcasts. It's a lot of fun listening to them going go deeper into their own favorite issues and struggles and rambles than they allow themselves on the non-paying podcasts.

The forum, apart from the silly, silly "Storrior" name, is also excellent. Everyone seems to really put a lot of thought and effort into their topics and replies, and it's a place on the internet where you can nerd out to the fullest without fear of trolls and silly people.


Basically what I'm saying is that you should check out Art&Story, and if you're an aspiring artist or writer, you should definitely think about joining Supreme. It's 10$ a month, or 80$ a year, and you really get a ton of content and whole bunch of new internet friends for the laughably low price.

To sum up: Art&Story Supreme has my fullest endorsement, and I honestly believe it's worth the price of admission for most comic-creators. So sign up today for a free trial, or just check out their regular podcasts to see if you like it.


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