Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Lies: Juggling part 2...

Originally drawn and published last wednesday. That is the 12th of May, 2010.
Part 1 will be published next week. But they don't really have much in common except the juggling.

Anyhow... Enough has probably been said about Frank Frazetta's death, so I'll keep it short.
Most aspiring artists, in their tweens and teens, have a phase where in our minds technique and draftsmanship are elevated to the highest of arts. That's usually the phase where we start loving Dali and the Post-Raphaelites and fantasy-artists. I went through a lot of fantasy artists, like Joe Jusko and Luis Royo, and some I still love like Simon Bisley. But whenever I look back at them, a little more of the charm I once saw is gone. The more I learn about technique, the less interest a Dali or Royo holds on me. But Frazetta... Every time I go back, I see more and more. Because his work is unique, in all art. And I know that every time I go back, I will always see more.

So, rest in peace, Frank Frazetta. You will continue to inspire me forever.


  1. I can't remember if it was Frazetta's work that drew me to Conan or vice versa. When I started seeing other fantasy artists like Jusko and Bisley and Brom I though that they had something but they still weren't Frazetta! I think it is the raw emotion expressed through Frazetta's work whether it is in pose or expression. There has never been a fantasy artist quite like him and fantasy will not be the same withought him...


  2. Yeah, exactly. The energy and emotion puts it in a completely different from other fantasy-artist. Perhaps because he was uniquely skilled, he could do a lot of stuff without focusing on the technique, just on the expression. And while other often are more polished, more "correct", there's something pure in Frazetta. Beyond the context, the story, the figuration, there's something in that just works with Frazetta, and that would work just as well even if he did purely abstract pieces.