Sunday, 30 May 2010

No more Sunday Lies?

Writing this from Oslo, where I've been at the fantastic Oslo Comics Expo. Got to meet a of nice and talented people, sell a good batch of comics, trade fanzines, and drink a lot of beer. Unlike many of my colleagues I managed to stop drinking before it was too late, and I'm not too hung over today.

But... Of course I didn't remember to update my translated Sunday Lies. So no new comic today.

This is a part of a reoccuring problem. With translated comics on Sundays, that means three different day a week I publish webcomics. And I'm going to up that number soon. And... To be frank, I just can't juggle it all at once.

But I'm not going to stop translating my autobiographical lies. I'm just moving them to Wednesday, so I can update them and the Norwegian ones at the same time. Ideally this means I sometimes will translate the comic the same day as I draw it, and the lies will be more current. So it's all good.

But it does mean you have to wait for Wednesday....


  1. So you are going to tell the truth on Sundays from now on?

  2. I always speak the truth. I don't know where you have these "lies" from...