Sunday, 21 June 2009

Art Week Review 14...

Much sketching, not much drawing this week. Scotland was... insane. As reflected in this weeks autobiographical lie:
Bagpipes at the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

Then some of the sketches from the few times I was sober enouigh to hold a brush(Or pencil) straight:
Gourock, waiting to take the ferry to Dunoon and on to Ardentinny to go to someones birthday with open-air concerts and lot´s of midgies and a nice waterfall to bath in and hungover canooing on Loch Eck in the morning...

NED in water at the bonnie bansk of Loch Lomond. A NED is apperantly a "None Educated Delinquent". They were throwing rocks at eachother. In the background are resident Austrians Laura and Kate swimming.

Around the campfire at Loch Lomond. In-between bagpipes and flutes and country-music, flute-player Cameron tries to translate a Scottish song to Solveig. Other people in the picture are American bicyclist Rob Roy McGregor(Yes, real name), his cousin Mike, and bagpipe-player Donald(Who never took me fishing).

Solveig playing the fiddle.

Laura dancing to the jamming bagpipes, flute, and fiddle.

A swan came to listen to the music, and that Solveig charmed with her magic powers. Later, as it was dawning, it came back, and I serenaded it with the last song of the evening. A true swansong(Townes Van Zandts "To live is To Fly" with the word "Swan" put in as often as possible).

And this was just the insanity that I was sober enough to record. Crazy gawd-damned week...

Anyhow... I like how loose the last ones turned out. Have to do more like that.

I also filled a few pages of a sketchbook on my long and arduos journey home, but I managed to forget it on the plane. Bugger.

Thanks to all the countless great people I met on the trip.

Now I really have to get to work on some serious shit again...

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