Monday, 29 June 2009

Me, me, ME! (On Art&Story Alive)

Just thought I´d do an update on me calling into the... Art&Story Alive podcast, hosted by the talented Jerzy Drozd, Marc Rudolph, and Krishna Sadasivam. Art&Story Alive is the live component of Art&Story, where I, the listener, and probably you, the listener, gets to call in and bug the hosts with our ramblings.

(Yes, I just copied and pasted that bit from my last post about this. I´m lazy)...

Anyhow... I´ve called into some more, and tried to tell some bad jokes and good points. Or the other way around. Here´s the list of the ones I´ve been on so far:

067 - Art & Story Alive! (With other guest, the always lovable Ryan Dow of Introspective Comics, discussing bad advice making baby Jesus cry, finding your voice, and making comics that communicate like a grunt to a loved one)
068 - Art & Story Alive! (Discussing coloring and getting cut-off by my stupid Skype)
069 - Art & Story Alive! (With birthday-boy Ryan Dow, discussing making comics for kids, and reinventing the college roomy-genre)
071 - Art & Story Alive! (Discussing why digital distribution of comics is bound to fail until we have better methods of reading them, and how to use panel-borders).

UPDATE: And I did call in last night, for the funniest, fastest, and most intense A&S Alive I´ve been a part of, again including Ryan Dow, about breaking into the local art scene, origin-stories, and something about the problem with modern color-print and motion(And it seems motion will be the topic of next weeks podcast, so stay tuned). Here:
072 - Art & Story Alive!

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