Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 12...

So... Been reading and writing a lot lately.

I did a drawn article about H.P. Lovecraft a few months ago. Basically the most work I´ve ever done per page. But it came out nice.

Now I´m tight for money, so I came up with a few more ideas for articles, even though the pay-per hour will end up... not too great. They did actually pay me a lot more than usual for the Lovecraft article, but that won´t happen for the new articles.

I´ve gotten one about Judas Priest and their more homo-erotic lyrics accepted, and working on suggestions for articles about Emma Goldman, the more esoteric and political sides of Alan Moore, and finally the mythmaking of Norwegian Black Metal. Pretty diverse shit to research. But I´m getting my head around it.

I really need to get the Lovecraft article translated and published somewhere else, because... multiple publishers is the only way I can make these articles profitable enough. And they´re fun to do...

Anyhow... Just uploaded the article to my comicspace-page:Click the image, silly...

So.... Art... This week... Yes....

Of course my weekly autobiographical... This ones called The Discussion.... and is as (non-)readable for silly-speaking people as for Norwegian-speaking people:

And I did another quick poster for free. I originally did it in B&W, but I got the urge to color it. Still came in slightly under the 2 hour mark, so I´m following my own guidelines for these well:

And finally, these two Wesnoth-portraits may be ready to committ. Still waiting for final word:

Oh, and I´m going to Glasgow on Tuesday. Never been in the UK before. Very much looking forward to it. Hopefully I´ll still have something to show next sunday. Have to get the weekly autobiographical lie finished before I leave, at least.


(Edit: Updated the Ratheln portrait)


  1. Damn Kim, every time I forget to check your blog for awhile because life's demons are tugging at my pajamas, I come back and am astounded by your artwork! Are you going to publish that Lovecraft biographical thingy into English? You should! Not that my mind goes to the capitalist function of Kimmie receiving loads of cash (which I know you would just hate because of your loathing for capitalism) but so that i can share it with a few of my American cronies who are language fearing individuals! AND BY THE WAY WHERE'S MY PORTRAIT? (kidding of course!)

  2. Ah, in a single post you remind me of all the things I´ve forgotten, like translating the Lovecraft article, finishing the Pickmans Model Adaption, finishing your reward, and UPDATING THIS BLOG!! THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!!

  3. PS! Huge Update with loads of art coming this Sunday at the latest....