Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Art-Week Review 13...

Reporting in from Glasgow on this unlucky 13th art-week.

Had a hell of a journey where everything that could go wrong did go wrong at some point, but met a lot of nice British people, even drew a portrait for the price of 1 beer, and was as if by magic able to do a sketched script for a whole 32 page childrens-book from concept to first-draft on the trip. Yay for me!(Though I won't get it up to a presentable version to shop around before the summers over).

So... first... some sketches of British charter tourists(Showing why I dislike drawing with pens):

Then the sketch where I got the concept to the childrens-book(With censored synopsis. Art not representative of anything yet):

Then the weekly autobiographical lie, called "Burdened under my own expectations"(Which I no longer am, having survived the journey):

And an updated Wesnoth piece:

So... Glasgow is quite nice, isn't it? I should really try to draw some... yup.

That's all folks!

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