Sunday, 28 June 2009

Art Week Review 15...

This week has been a bit random, with my WACOMpen being in Scotland and/or my mailbox, and my mood being a bit... shit.

But here goes...

My autobiographical comic of the week, with no proper images and text in Norwegian. Don´t worry, the text is just depressive poo, so you´re not missing anything:

And I did a self-portrait reflecting my mood for my blog:

And even more randomly, a portrait of Ayn Rand. By popular request I´m thinking of changing the text to "Ayn Rand, I´d rape her" with "I´d rape her" written in soft pink letters. I think that´d be sweet. Funnily enough I´ve gotten some weird ultra-capitalist Twitter-followers lately, and I figure that someone might have seen my #aynran tag, but not clicked my link. Hilarious!

And I did this quick one for an article/blogpost I wrote about game-critisism on The text basically is two word-balloons worth of artsy fancy-talk, and the kid giving the punchline "And a fucking impressive high-score".

And this nice sketch of my garden:

Apart from that I´ve been working on an comic-article about the homo-erotic aspects of Judas Priest, which has been going slower than it should due to the lack of a digital pen. But it´s looking good. Maybe I´ll show some of the sketches next week?

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