Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My homage to a great lady...

Lately there´s been some talk about Ayn Rand an objectivists. And you know, all the usual stuff comes up, like "How boring is her books???", "Should objectivists be locked up for their own safety?", "Was she really that insane or was she a pre-internet troll?", etc, etc... But there´s always one very important point missing. So I tried to illustrate it in this little sketch:
Someone should make a T-shirt out of this. I´d wear it.


  1. Good rendition Kim.
    But you must remember that Ayn was a lady not so much keen on uninspired straight forward copulation; if you read the love-making scenes in her novels they are more like rape scenes, heroic men violently ravishing the heroines, seemingly against their will. So a more fitting subtitle, albeit less politically correct, might be "I'd rape her."
    I wouldn't though.

  2. Feel free to make a "I´d rape her" version.

    Personally I´d make sweet, sweet, loving to her, while singing "Why can´t I free your doubtfull mind, and change your cold, cold heart"...

  3. Awh. That's so sweet Kim. I'd love for you to be able to do that. Maybe if you'd been born some 10 years earlier your fantasy could actually have come true, (considering her sexual inclination towards young boys, (she died in 82)). <:)

  4. Well, it´s not too late yet. I could always make sweet, sweet loving to her rotten corpse.... Or was she cremated?